Adult (4-7 years)



Jennifer Luethy

My Story

Meet Jensen! Jensen is drop dead gorgeous. He is 5 years old and he weighs 50 pounds.. He likes female dogs and not males, probably because he wants no competition. He is well-mannered in the house, but has more energy than Red Bull + crack and needs a fairly active household. He also needs one without cats because cats are tasty in his estimation.

Jensen is a husky and he does husky things. Like run, chase squirrels and sing. Don’t adopt him if you don’t have a fenced yard and a love for yodeling. If you enjoy being on a sofa with a large fuzzy white dog on top of you, here you go. If you love hair-free velvet sofas, one, you are on the wrong page and two I will pre-judge you and bet you might have a Peloton overlooking your 26th floor city view and you don’t need a husky.

If you are interested in more information on Jensen, please complete an application and then reach out to [email protected]