Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler & Great Pyrenees mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Roxy Lytng

My Story

Jarrett is an improbable but confirmed 6-month-old Australian Cattle Dog/Great Pyrenees mix puppy who weighs around 38 pounds now. He came to rescue alongside his siblings and is ready to find his forever home!

This boy is a typical puppy who loves everyone and every thing. He plays well with both big and small dogs and he is a genuinely happy guy who loves life and the world at large. He loves toys and requests that his new family has lots of them for him to play with! It’s anyone’s guess how big he will be as an adult, but based on his current size, I would expect him to be a 55 pound dog as an adult. This is a very intelligent breed ancestry here and it pays to know that this is not a dumb dog that forgot you left. He will know you are 20 minutes late. Plenty of mental exercise is an excellent idea for this puppy and he is a good candidate for puzzle toys, obedience work and potentially agility. Sturdy kids above the screeching years (8+) will be great.

He is still an adolescent puppy, so puppy rules apply for Jarrett. He will need patience, training and socialization in order to mature into the very best boy as an adult.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application/ and email