Labrador Retriever mix

Senior (8-11+ years)



Roxy Lytng

My Story

Hugh is an 8 year old, 38-pound lab mixed with something border collie-ish. Hugh came in with his brother who found themselves at the local shelter when their owner died and left them with no family to go to. His other two brothers were adopted out and they were left behind.

Hugh is a very well-behaved boy who has lived with multiple dogs. He is unsure of new dogs, but with proper introductions to dogs who won’t jump on him, he is content to be with them. He does seem to show a marked preference for the lady dogs which may be the result of living with three brothers for so long. This is a mellow dog who wants to hang out, and he does not appreciate playing fiends who want to bounce on him. We’re pretty much at the get off my lawn stage of Hugh’s life.

Hugh is fabulous with people and would do well in a home with kids over 8 and past the screechy years. He is very well-mannered in the house and is well-behaved in general. He has been fine with cats he has met, but he has not lived with them. He would do well in a lot of environments. A home with a fenced yard or dedication to leash walking is required.

If you’d like to bring Hugh home with you, please fill out an application, then email