Henry & Hank (bonded pair)

Great Pyrenees mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

Hank and Henry are a bonded pair of Great Pyrenees mixes looking for their forever home. They are so handsome ! Hank is 7 years old and Henry is 4 years old. They have zero enemies and they are good with other dogs and cats. They are fine with kids past the screaming years.

Like all Great Pyrenees, they are absolutely not trustworthy off leash. They need a securely fenced yard and people who know and appreciate what Great Pyrenees are and what they do. If you ask us if they shed or bark, you can’t have them. These are lovely, sweet, quirky dogs who love people and pretty much the world at large.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at then email