Hound mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Jay Natarajan

My Story

Gogo is a sweet, gentle 2-year-old hound mix that came to us after her elderly owner passed. Gogo and her siblings were fending for themselves till we brought them home. Gogo is quiet, LOVES car rides and her foster mama says she is a dream on a leash!! Gogo is more comfortable with women and a little afraid of men. She does not react to them but rather will avoid them at first. All she needs is space and time and she will show you her sunny and bubbly side.

This beautiful soul is not quite sure how to be loved by people but sure knows how to express affection. Gogo will be your ride-or-die and will happily accompany you on whatever adventures your heart desires. But she is not overly clingy either, and is perfectly fine to hang back at home. She has PERFECT house manners but is also crate trained if needed. She is low energy with bursts of zoomies sprinkled in there.

Gogo is good with dogs, cats, livestock and whatever else you got. She is good with calm and quieter kids too, but since she is timid, kids should be over 6 years of age and on the calmer side.

If Gogo is your girl, please fill out an application then email