Labrador Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Meet Gabi. She’s a 2-1/2-year-old Pit mix who is beautiful, fun, and ready for you to take her home. Gabi is a beautiful onyx black color with an adorable white chest. She’s sexy and she knows it!

Gabi is young and full of energy. She would love a home with a fenced-in yard and another dog to rough and tumble with. She has been fine with every dog we have introduced her to – big, small, grumpy, and happy. She does best with dogs of similar size (she’s about 70 lbs) and energy level. She also would be fine as an only dog as long as she gets plenty of exercise.

Gabi will need time to adjust to her new humans and she has a touch of stranger danger, but she’s been through extensive training to help build her confidence. Gabi is super intelligent and really wants to please her humans so she would be a great dog for someone interested in ongoing training exercises.

She would be fine with sturdy kids over the age of 12 who are respectful of the dogs they share their home with. She walks best on a harness, she is housetrained and just wants love, pets, and treats.

Gabi is a no cat kind of gal. She is way too interested in them, and when they hiss or paw at her, it’s game on.

This pretty gal is currently in Nashville, and can travel anywhere we place dogs and we would even consider a foster-to-adopt depending on your location. If you lead an active lifestyle, this is the gal for you. She is fun, lovely, soft and beautiful and will be the best companion you could ask for. To foster or adopt this amazing girl, please visit our website at, click on Foster or Adopt and fill out the required form found there for her. Once that’s complete, please email for more information on this beautiful girl.