Golden Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Henry is a 3 year old, 35 pound golden retriever mix who came to us from a large hoarding case in a very rural area. He didn’t have the greatest start to life, but since coming to rescue, his personality is really starting to shine though and he is turning into a wonderful dog.

Henry is a shy dog who needs time to adjust to new people and new situations. He definitely needs a quieter home without lots of coming and going. Young kids and their unpredictable movements will scare him, so we are looking for a home where any kids are of the teenage variety or older. Enrique does warm up to his people with time and patience, and trust me, he’s worth it. When he feels comfortable he becomes a very sweet, affectionate, goofy, playful little boy and it is a joy to see. He LOVES toys and bones and antlers and chews, oh my. He also loves soft beds and couch snuggles. Because of his hoarding case background, Henry is used to having to compete for food, so he does need to be fed separately and might need reminders that not ALL the toys are his.

Henry is housebroken and well-mannered in the home. He is also crate trained and actually enjoys having a space of his own to retreat to when he is feeling nervous. Henry currently lives in a Philadelphia townhome with two other dogs and two cats. He is used to being leash walked around the neighborhood, but would probably REALLY enjoy a home with a fenced in yard, He enjoys occasional trips to the dog park during off hours to meet up with some of his doggy friends.

Henry will probably always have some anxiety, and will never be a life-of-the-party type of guy. However, he will make an amazing companion for someone willing to shower him with patience and compassion. Every dog deserves a home, and Enrique more than most!

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