Great Pyrenees mix

Young (1-3 years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

Emilio is a 3 year old, 70 pound Great Pyrenees mix. My $20 is on a sled dog in the ancestry somewhere, but absent DNA it’s anyone’s guess. Emilio is a very good boy and he loves his people. While he is drop dead gorgeous, this is not the dog for the beginning owner. Emilio is all Great Pyrenees working dog in attitude. He is affectionate with his people, but he is very sure that the UPS man is there to murder everyone and he guards the door and the house. He also keeps a close eye on the perimeter to be sure there are no intruders. This behavior is normal and fine, but is not something the average lab owner is familiar with and people adopting this dog need to understand what flock guardians do and what there needs are. He absolutely must have a securely fenced yard. and he is 100% untrustworthy off leash.

Emilio is friendly with other dogs and he loves to play, but we suggest that they be of similar size. He will pounce on delicate dogs. He has been fine in the company of dog-savvy cats. Emilio needs a home with kids over 12 and preferably with people who have had Great Pyrenees before and know their quirks. He is well-mannered and knows many commands. He is exceptionally affectionate and gentle with his people. He will make a fantastic pet for the right home.

If Emilio is a dog you would like to know more about, please complete an application and then reach out to [email protected]