Great Dane

Adult (4-7 years)


Extra Large

Corey Bennett

My Story

Allow me to introduce to you Elaina, the 6 year old, 100 pound Great Dane.
Elaina came in a wreck and she weighed in around 70 pounds. We are unfond of extremely underweight dogs as we were never a proponent of the heroin waif look, even when Kate Moss made starvation a thing. Elaina is now a healthy and happy dog and she is ready to be adopted.

Elaina is a touch on the shy side and I don’t think she would do well in a home with social butterflies whose house is always bursting with activity. She’s a lay on the sofa kind of girl while you try to squeeze into a corner of it. She is not good with cats or other dogs and it is her fondest wish that Tim the Enchanter the resident cat would step into her lair. I think kids in the sullen teen years and up is fine given her size and her dislike of screeching.

Spread the word, kids.
If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application, then email [email protected]