Treeing Walker Coonhound & Great Pyrenees mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Einstein is a mix of Tree Walking Coon Hound, Great Pyrenees, and Anatolian Shepard. He will not be a small dog when he is fully grown. Right now, Einstein is 11 weeks old (DOB 2/25/22) and already weighs close to 20 lbs.

We have had Einstein since the day he was born. His mama had complications and died during his birth. Shortly after that, he along with the rest of the litter came down with Parvo. Einstein is one of the lucky ones. They were tube-fed and then bottle-fed by our very own Lacey and he is maturing (well, maybe growing up a bit) into a fantastic pup.

Einstein loves to romp, play, galumph along, and snuggle with his humans. His houndy ears flop In the breeze and he is a joy to watch. Of course, he will do all things puppy and will chew your shoes, eat your remote, and generally make you laugh.

He is a hound and livestock guardian dog mix, so he will require a securely fenced-in yard in his forever home. He would love another dog to romp with and will be fine with kids older than 8. This is due to his size and his ability to knock over small tots with his sheer exuberance. He will be fine with furry feline friends as long as they are dog savvy.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application then email