Edward Scissorpaws

Border Collie & Husky

Adult (4-7 years)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Edward Scissorpaws is a 5-year-old, lovely, affectionate creature who does not know how to interact with other dogs. He is wonderful with people, but when it comes to dogs, first there is butt-sniffing which is OK, then there is the shuffling and posturing of bodies which is OK, but when the eye contact is made with another dog, Edward simply has no idea what it all means and he commences growling and snapping. This is rarely greeted with enthusiasm by the other dog. In people, this is called social anxiety disorder and they give you a pill with a dumb name like Skyhapza* that costs more than your car payment and which has 25 side effects including death according to the ads. In dogs, it means we have to place him as an only dog.

Edward Scissorpaws is good with people of all ages. He can successfully walk with other dogs on leash, but he is not ever going to be comfortable with other dogs in a home setting. He is not good with cats. What he needs is a home with a fenced yard, people who love a happy, social dog who wants to hang with them, and who don’t plan to have more dogs. That’s it. He’s well mannered, he is happy and he is a nice little plump ray of sunshine. We should all be so fortunate.

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