Chihuahua mix

Young (1-3 years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

This pretty pretty princess is Dinah! She is approximately one year old, weighs in around 10 pounds, and is a long haired Chihuahua.

Dinah did not have the best start to life, and came to us by way of a hoarding case where she was locked in a small home with 20 other dogs and very little human interaction. She has been in a foster home for several months now, and has started to come out of her shell, but she will still need an adopter who is willing to give her the time, patience, and understanding she will need to continue to blossom. She is a happy little dog who will seek out affection on her terms. She has been known to crawl into laps when they are provided. She prefers quieter households, so a home with small children is probably too much for her. Older kids who understand that she is skittish and cannot be picked up and hugged are fine.

Dinah loves the company of other small dogs and we would really prefer to place her in a home with another doggy friend to help show her the ropes and boost her confidence. She also LOVES to run around and play outside, so we are looking for a home with a securely (physically) fenced yard. Dinah will not do well with an e-fence.

Dinah is intelligent, inquisitive, and watchful. She prefers to find a perch and observe what’s going on from a safe distance until she feels comfortable. She is crate trained and likes having the security of a space of her own to retreat to if she’s feeling overwhelmed. She is used to walking on leash now and she is housebroken.

She loves wearing her flannel PJs and cuddling up under a cozy blanket with her humans and animal friends. Dinah is the perfect dog for those that love the Chihuahua “sassitude”, and are willing to spend the time it will take to earn her trust. There is a huge personality in this little dog just waiting to shine brightly in the right home!

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http:, then email [email protected] for more info on this sweet gal.