Dax Max

Great Pyrenees & Golden Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Kim Tompkins

My Story

Dax is a 2 year old, 90 Great Pyrenees/golden retriever. Before you begin falling in love, ask yourself this question: Am I a marshmallow? If the answer is yes, this is not your dog.

Dax came to us as an owner surrender. Not to put too fine a point on it, his owners were idiots. They attempted to keep him in the yard with an electric fence and succeeded in shocking the bejeezus out of him with the collar. Dax is a friendly dog, and when he would see people, he would rush to see them, get shocked, and then freak out, thus freaking out the people who saw a barking giant dog running at them and then acting like he was having a seizure. Electric fences are bad things and needless to say, he was surrendered to us.

As the result of his experiences, Dax is not a dog I will put in a first time dog owner’s home. While he is out on the leash, he’s fine with people and dogs he meets. He will probably always be a touch of a barker when people invade his barriers because he still expects to get shocked every time he sees new people. We think with time, this will fade. He is absolutely a love in the home with his people and he is a great dog.

Dax will chase squirrels and thinks that cats are snacks, so he needs a home with no cats or small animals. He is not the dog for first time pyr owners and he will only be placed in a home with a secure privacy fence. We think that he would be best placed in a quiet home with another dog to play with and for him to learn how to be a normal dog from. Dax is house trained and perfectly well mannered. Kids over 12 please with this dog.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at and email [email protected]