Jack Russell Terrier & Feist mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Jennifer Luethy

My Story

Dabney is a super cute 3-5yr old, 25lb Feist/JRT mix looking for her forever home. She takes a little while to open up, but when she does she will be your best friend and personal shadow. She is dog friendly and would do best in a home with a doggie friend. She is NOT a fan of cats (will chase and we’re not sure it’s just to play) or small children, who scare her. She is low energy and the perfect lap dog. She loves car rides, enjoys walks, and does well on a leash. She’d love to have someone home more often than not but is trustworthy in the house and sleeps overnight on her own dog bed. Dabney also has a narrowed trachea, which can result in asthma-like coughing. While it is a chronic illness, it should not affect her quality of life as long as it is medically managed. She is currently using an inhaler.

If you would like to learn more about Dabney, please complete an application and then reach out to