Da Vinci

Labrador Retriever & Bloodhound mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Jayasree (Jay) Natarajan

My Story

Da Vinci is a 3-month-old Lab/Bloodhound mix puppy. He is sugar and spice and everything nice. This pup is gorgeous with his shiny coat and his distinguished markings. Da Vinci loves people and with proper socialization and training will be good with kids. He is a very large puppy, topping out at 30 lbs at 13 weeks and so we recommend older kids to avoid having them knocked over by mistake. Da Vinci is good with cats and loves dogs.

He is smart, easy to redirect, and is VERY food motivated. So it’s easy to train him. His foster mom has started working on eye contact, crate games, moving attention, sitting, down, mat work, impulse control, and recall with him. He is good in a crate and spends a few hours a day in there while his foster mama is at work. His energy level is medium and a couple of play and training sessions a day will keep his body and mind occupied. This puppy is near perfect. He is a snuggler and loves cuddles.

The proper home for Da Vinci will have people that have the time and have the commitment to train him. He will be close to a 100 lbs grown size and it’s important that he is socialized and trained well. He needs a family that loves to spend time and cuddle with him as he is super social and people-oriented. A foster fur brother or sister would be really great for him so they can teach him the ropes and keep him entertained. A fenced yard is a very nice to have but if you are a dedicated leash walker, that works as well.

If you are interested in this handsome sweet boy, email and ask about Da Vinci.