Great Pyrenees

Adult (4-7 years)


Extra Large

Nicole Butler

My Story

This is Corbin. DO NOT fall in love with this face unless you can successfully pass a quiz based on the following info.

1. Corbin is a 5 year old Karakachan. He is listed as a Great Pyrenees because petfinder doesn’t even have this breed and they are the same general kind of dogs. If you haven’t heard of the breed, chances are, you don’t need this dog, even if he is more beautiful than Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall.

2. Corbin is a very serious watch dog. He spent the first five years of his life guarding livestock and he was fantastic at his job. Unfortunately his owners sucked and he was absolutely neglected by his owners and he arrived in terrible shape with two of his compatriots. He has come to enjoy the creature comforts of indoor life and he is well-mannered. You, however, are still a sheep in his mind and you will be guarded against threats, just like he has always done. Corbin is not always convinced that your parents/the mailman/your best friend/etc is not a wolf coming to kill you. You must be capable of managing a dog that wants to manage you.

3. Corbin is not trustworthy off leash and must always be in a secure, wooden fence. He will try to convince you otherwise, but don’t fall for it. It’s exactly like if I promise I will guard the last cupcake.

4. Corbin is not a dog for a family with kids because kids have friends. Friends come over to the house and Corbin won’t know they aren’t tiny wolves come to kill you all. Kids cannot be convinced a serious livestock dog with the face of Eeyore will bite a stranger in defense of property. Ergo, no kids. Unless your kid is a complete nerd who spends his time contemplating the works of Sartre and the existential questions of the world.

5. You can have an active social life and all the people you want can come over. BUT. You must agree to put Corbin up when friends and family come over. Always and forever.

6. This dog will never be a livestock guardian again as he was severely heartworm positive on arrival. Now he wants to be an inside dog with outside privileges. we cannot unwind the clock. He would be fine in a farm home.?

6. Corbin is generally good with other dogs and cats.

Interested would be adopters should apply online, at and then email [email protected]