Border Collie Labrador Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Kim Tompkins

My Story

Condor is a 1 year old border collie lab mix who came to us from less than glorious circumstances along with 30 of his closest friends. Condor on arrival was scared and thin and had never been inside a home. He rapidly learned to enjoy things like heat and regular meals and he has moved on to being appreciative of toys and regular meals.

Condor is on the shy side and he needs a low key home with patient people. This is not the social cruise director dog. He will never be the life of the party and he appreciates calm and mellow. He is fine with people, but does prefer that they be past the screaming years if under 18. He is great with dogs and would do best in a home with another dog to show him the ropes of how to be a dog. Cats are fine, too.

Condor needs a home with a securely-fenced yard and people who will rejoice upon receiving the first tail wag and the first kiss. These are going to be big milestones for him as he is a dog that does not greatly appreciate change. Or vaccuum cleaners.

If you’re interested in giving this sweet boy his forever home, please complete the adoption application at and then email [email protected] Thank you!