Collie Great Pyrenees mix

Senior (8-11+ years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

Chelsea is, like me, an older girl who has no time for shenanigans. She just wants to lay on the floor in a patch of sun and nap. This sweet dog has had such a hard life and all she wants is a home of her own.

Chelsea is a Collie/Great Pyrenees mix weighing in at 82 pounds and she is the Lebowski of the dog world – she just wants to lay on a rug that really pulls the whole room together. She is fine with adults and she is great with cats. When out on walks Chelsea is fine with other dogs. However, this ol’ Diva does not like to share her Domicile with another dog. She needs to be the one and only in her home. As I am sure you understand, Chelsea’s days of caring for littles are over. . She is looking for an adult only home (teenagers will be tolerated as long as they don’t push her boundaries) that appreciates a mellow dog. She is affectionate and cuddly, on her terms, as every Diva is. She is a distinguished lady, so of course she is housebroken and has impeccable house manners.

Chelsea appreciates a good amble around the block and the occasional romp around the back yard. When the mood strikes her, she even enjoys playing fetch. She would make the perfect companion for someone who has to work a full day, and wants to come home to adoring gazes from soft, brown eyes and lazy tail wags from a luxuriously fluffy tail.

If you have a spot in your home and your heart where a senior dog can live out her golden years in peace and comfort, Chelsea is your girl.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please FIRST apply online, at, then email [email protected] Let’s get this gal home!!!