Great Pyrenees mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Channing is an adorable 6-month-old puppy who is waiting for his forever home. Channing is a Great Pyrenees who will do things that Great Pyrenees do such as ignore your requests to come in on a cold winter morning while you’re standing outside in your slippers and jammies and laugh at you when you toss a ball to him and ask him to fetch.

Channing is a puppy and will need a puppy-proof home and one that understands that puppies need consistent training to grow them into the awesome adults we all know he can be. He will need someone that understands and has personal experience with the Great Pyrenees breed and a fenced yard. Other doggy playmates would be awesome and active kids over 8 would be fun, too! Channing was afraid of the kitties he met but once he gets to know them, he may decide to chase so someone that understands proper puppy/kitty introductions and behavior would be best. He is an active puppy that needs someone that will keep him active and trained until he hits the adult slug years.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application then email