Great Pyrenees

Adult (4-7 years)


Extra Large

Kristen Harding

My Story

Meet Cayden — the ultimate couch potato. He is a 4-year-old Great Pyrenees who moves at a sloth’s pace and is never in a hurry. If you’re looking for your Friday night Netflix partner, this is your guy. He is a large boy at 100 pounds, and he certainly won’t be shedding any weight due to an active lifestyle. But just because he is lazy, doesn’t mean he isn’t typical of the breed — this guy can somehow get that hefty physique over a fence, so a 6ft fence is required.

Cayden seems pretty disinterested in most things — other dogs? Eh. Cats? Meh. People? Head scratches are acceptable. He could coexist with other dogs so long as they are on his same energy level. He is also fine with cats.

This guy is super low key, super independent, and will probably not listen to anything you say. While perhaps a bit aloof, he is friendly and easy to be around.
He may walk slow, but he is great on a leash, so a casual stroll to the ice cream parlor may spark his interest.

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