Irish Wolfhound/ Great Pyrenees mix

Young (1-3 years)


Extra Large

Jennifer Luethy

My Story

Meet Brodie. This 2-year-old, 90-pound, extra fluffy dog is in need of a home to call his own. Brodie came to rescue when his owner had a new baby and didn’t have the time to manage a dog. Sigh. He is believed to be a wolfhound or deerhound mixed with Great Pyrenees and something else. Feel free to speculate.

Brodie is very sweet and can come off as a bit shy, he is cuddly once he gets to know you and he is utterly besotted by his people. Brodie is not the dog for a home with a ton of in and out traffic, he is not fond of strangers. He likes to watch, guard, and approve the comings & goings; being a livestock guardian dog he likes to decide who looks shifty, a home with fencing & experience with LGD’s is required. Brodie’s very calm upon meeting other dogs, he does enjoy playing with other dogs, however; he is a cat chaser. Brodie has decided that horses are evil, so no horse farms please; he is not trustworthy with cats or small woodland creatures. He is absolutely housebroken and is incredibly well-mannered in the house.

Brodie certainly possesses the best of both breeds. He is loyal, loving, kind; he’ll guard your yard & home, protecting from things that go bump in the day/night. Brodie will make the right family a fantastic pet, he absolutely must go to a home with a securely fenced yard – no exceptions.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at, then email [email protected] for more information about this amazing dog.