Boogie & Woogie (Bonded pair)

Dachshund & English Bulldog mix

Young (1-3 years)



Debbie Bender

My Story

This pair of low riders are known as Boogie and Woogie. Let me tell you their story.

Boogie and Woogie belonged to a former employee of ours who died very unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. Her dogs came to us when her children asked for help. To say the dogs were out of sorts would be an understatement and it’s taken us a few weeks to get them to be happy dogs again.

Boogie and Woogie are 2 years old, they are both female, they are English bulldog/dachshund mixes and they both weigh in around 40 pounds even though they barely hit shin high. They are mobile bowling balls with legs. They are very bonded together and they must stay together.

They both lived in a home with three other dogs and did fine, but they take time to get used to new dogs. Anyone in love with their stumpy little bodies that has other dogs needs to be prepared to do slow and careful introductions and have calm dogs. Some of this is because they have had their world ripped out from under them and some of it is because neither of them are confident dogs and they are both on the shy side. Neither of them appreciate dogs that bounce on them, which is kind of hypocritical of them because they bounce. These are no cat dogs.

They are both housebroken, well mannered and sweet. They will make the right family a perfect pair of dogs. Kids over 10 and non-screechers are best. If you are interested in adopting these dogs, please fill out an application then email