Vizsla mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Kim Tompkins

My Story

Blaze is a 2 year old viszla mix. This dog is happy, social and very well-mannered. He is active and bouncy and would do best in a home with another energetic dog that doesn’t mind being pounced on. If you have a dog whose top speed is comatose, Blaze is not your dog.

Blaze takes treats with a super soft mouth and knows basic commands. He does really well on leash and is completely house-trained. He is great with people of the adult persuasion, but this is not a dog for small kids. Teenagers and up are fine. He came to us from a home with small kids that had no boundaries and he did not enjoy the experiece, so we promised him sullen teenagers and adults only.

This dog would do very well in a home with a fenced yard, a dog friend, and people who own Subarus that take their dog hiking. He is social and outgoing and will do well in adult homes.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at and email [email protected]