Bilbo & Bronte

Great Pyrenees mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Jay Natarajan

My Story

Say hello to Bilbo and Bronte. Bilbo is a boy and Bronte is a girl, they are four years old, and they are 85 and 65 pounds, respectively. They are reportedly siblings which makes sense given the raccoon markings. I personally am betting that Mom was a Great Pyrenees and dad was an overachieving raccoon, but regardless of their lack of pedigreed ancestry, these are nice dogs.

Bilbo and Bronte are bonded and they will be placed as a pair. They are well-mannered, are fine with people, other dogs and to date, have shown zero interest in the office cats. Both of them are a touch on the lanky side and I look forward to Christmas pics of them much chubbier than they currently are. They are moderately playful but spend a fair amount of time becoming one with the dog bed. These are zen dogs in the making.

These two did not have a fantastic start to life as they were left behind and were not getting regularly fed. Two months later and they are vastly improved. These are really nice dogs who deserved better than they got. Someone out there will win the lottery when they adopt these two. They are NOT trustworthy off leash and will require a securely-fenced yard.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application, then email