Shpeherd mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Roxy Lytng

My Story

Hi folks. Say hello to Beans. This oh so handsome fluffy Shepherd mix is one awesome dog.

He is curious, intelligent, and loves to explore. Don’t let the grey around the muzzle fool you, this dude is active and full of…. welll… Beans! We think that he would be a great hiking buddy, and would love to be your exploring pal as you hike in the woods, meadows, or on the beach. When not exploring, Beans will gladly join you on the couch and watch whatever your favorite show is.

Beans has been friendly with every dog that he has met.. We think that he would be best placed with calm dogs after slow introductions because in his past life, he probably was never properly socialized with other dogs. He has been fine with the cats we have introduced him to.

Due to his aloofness and his size, we think he’d be best with kids over the age of 10, and preferably kids who like to explore the wilderness rather than play computer games ad nauseum.

Beans is a super cool dog, and will be a great addition to a family who will love him and take him on lots of walks to explore his new domain.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http:, then email [email protected] for more information on this fabulous fluffy shepherd.