Boxer mix

Young (1-3 years)



Jolie Galka

My Story

This sweet gal came from a hoarding case, and probably had many too many litters of puppies in her short 3 years of life. Like so may hoarding dogs, she’s a diamond in the rough. For her, the simple things in life like dog beds, couches, other dogs to play with, tennis balls, humans who are kind, regular food, vet visits, dress up clothes, etc. etc. etc. are things she has never experienced. Imagine being as pretty as Bambie is (her Jowls kill me) and never having had a hot pink shirt to wear. It’s a crime I know, but one I am sure will be rectified in her forever home.

Bambie is shy and sweet. She gets along with other dogs, but has no idea how to “play” with them (See above if you are confused). We think with time, and a nice calm home to live in with a well adjusted dog friend, and a fenced in yard, she will learn that play is super cool.

Bambie did just fine with our kennel cats. Bambie got a two paws up from the kitties she met. She was friendly and respectful of them. We think she would be fine in a home with some furry feline friends.

Most of all, Bambie is learning to love her humans. She loves to be petted. stroked, scritched, and rubbed. Big Fluffy Humans are cool, and she is learning that. Certainly a patient home with a patient family would be best for our gal. No little screeching children, and definitely no rock band wannabe’s for this gal.

Bambie is currently in Nashville, but is ready for the next step in a real home of her own. She can go anywhere our van takes her, from the midwest to the southeast, to the mid Atlantic states, and to New England. To foster or adopt this pretty gal, please visit your favorite website (ours) at, click on foster or adopt, and fill out the required form found there. Once that’s done please email [email protected] for more information on this amazing girl.