Husky mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Melanie Gordon

My Story

Aurora is a 6 year old, 56-pound husky mix. As you can see, she is beautiful. What you can’t see is what an amazing dog she is. Aurora is the sweetest, calmest, nicest dog in the history of ever. She is well-mannered in the home, she walks well on a leash, she’s housebroken and she’s just a ray of lovely, mellow sunshine.

Aurora is good with other dogs, but prefers easy-going dogs that won’t really pounce on her. She would be happiest with dogs her size and up as tiny yippie dogs that bark at her make her ears twitch. She is a no cat, no squirrel, no woodland creature kind of dog which is typical for her breed mix. She is fine with people over the teen years and up, and we have her because she did not appreciate the very grabby toddler in the home. This is not a dog for small screechy kids.

If your home has a fenced yard, an extremely soft bed on which she can nap, plentiful snacks, no cats, mellow dogs or even no dogs and you appreciate a dog that has a lovely alto song when the firetrucks come past, this is your girl. I cannot stress how wonderful she is and she will make someone a very fantastic pet.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application/ then email