Pointer mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Jolie Galka

My Story

Hi friends. Meet Asher. He’s a super good looking young Pointer mix who is ready for a home of his own. Asher is long and lanky. His legs are seriously about three weeks long. Like so many of his breeding, Asher needs a job. Looking for a running partner: Asher. A dog to ruck across the Blue Ridge Mountains with: Asher. You’ve always wanted a dog who would excel at Flyball, rally, agility, or be involved in daily play groups: you guessed it, Asher. He’s super intelligent and oh so eager to please. Asher is a super good boy who is mastering the art of not pulling on the leash at all. He’s so close!! When not romping in the yard with his friends, Asher is content to chill on the sofa and watch TV with you. He’s picked his NCAA bracket, and promises to let you win, even if it means changing some names around.

One thing Asher doesn’t like is cats. He’s a Pointer mix, and tends to nip at them as he attempts to round up his feline friends into a small organized group. For this reason, we think it’s also best not to place him in a home with kids under the age of 8.

One of Asher’s best traits is his ability to catch treats.. of any size.. thrown from any distance. Replace those treats with a frisbee, and game on for Asher! I see many ultimate Frisbee games in his future.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http:, then please email [email protected] for more information about this amazing dog.