Akita mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Kim Tompkins

My Story

Amir is a 5 year old, 72 pound akita mix who is looking for a home. We have this dog specifically because of COVID as he lost his home when his owner lost his life. We are ALWAYS here for this kind of case. So, now we have a white akita who always looks like he’s judging me and finding me wanting. It’s like he knows I ate the last EL Fudge cookie and lied to my husband about it.

Amir is a good boy. He is good with other dogs and he is great with people. This is a very social, happy dog who likes everyone, except the vet who violated him in a very specific manner which Amir has not forgotten, but I feel the same way about my ob/gyn occasionally so I don’t hold that against him.

Amir has excellent house manners and has clearly been a well-loved pet. He is active and friendly and he wants to go for walks and hikes and chase squirrels. I would not put him in a home with cats because he is just a little too interested in Tim the Enchanter, and I definitely would not place him with homes with small woodland creatures. Teacup humans™ over 8 are fine.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online then email [email protected]