Adopted Aloe


beagle x

Adult (4-7 years)



Sarah Romeyn

My Story

Aloe is a 4 year old, 24 pound beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix. This is not our normal dog (not big or fluffy), but she was sad and cute and she came with us when we left the shelter with the big guys. Aloe is an excellent dog with excellent manners. She is good with people and dogs and is indifferent to cats. She is sweet and social and is pretty much a very good girl. All dogs should be as good as she is.

Aloe would do well in a lot of environments from condos to houses and she can exist well with daily walks for those without a fence. She is not considered trustworthy off leash. Aloe is great with people and she would do well in a home with kids 8 and up. This is a dog with a moderate actively level and she enjoys a good walk, but she is also happy crashing on the sofa. This is kind of the all-purpose dog for most anyone. 5 stars, no notes.