Labrador Retriever mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Jennifer Luethy

My Story

Hi! My name is ALBERT, but my foster ‘Mom’ sometimes calls me Little Dude. I was 3 months old on Feb 24th. I currently weigh 16lbs and I’m hoping to be 50lbs full grown.

Can I tell you a secret my foster Mom tells me? But you can’t tell on me. Promise?

She tells me I’m the most perfect foster pup ever. I really thinks she is very proud of me, as she is always saying I’m such a good boy.

Some of the reasons I think she tells me I’m Good Boy are:

I never jump up on you.
I always sit to go outside and inside, and for getting dinner and treats.
I sleep until 7am in my crate – quietly! And I’m happy to go into my crate for my nap times.
I’m trying really hard to let her know when I need to go outside to potty.
I love to cuddle.
I take food/treats very gently.
AND I’m very mellow for a puppy…

You see, I think my foster Mom really gets that I love being a good boy. I give her kisses sometimes thanking her for the appraisal.

If you want to learn more about me, or meet me to see what a good boy I really am, please fill out an adoption application at and then email my coordinator, Jen, at [email protected] to let her know that you are interested in me!