Husky mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Nicole Butler

My Story

Ajax is a not quite 10 month old, 60-pound husky mix who came to us with some friends from a less than glorious start to life. He is a happy, healthy boy these days and he is looking for his home.

Ajax is a little on the shy side initially. This lasts up to the point that a cookie is presented for his appreciation. After that, best of luck getting him to be shy again. Ajax is a happy, friendly dog once warmed up and he does like his dog friends. He wants to play and hang out and do dog things. He has been good with every dog he’s met but no kitties for this boy. He is good with kids over 6 (past the screaming years in theory) and he is good with people. He is not trustworthy off leash and he needs to be in a securely fenced yard. He is generally well-mannered and would do well in most any home that appreciates active puppies.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http: and then email [email protected]