Great Pyrenees

Senior (8-11+ years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

This beautiful dog is Aero, an 11 year old Great Pyrenees. He came to us with several of his companions when he lost his working home in the field.

Aero is in fantastic condition for a dog of his age. He is good with dogs and he is well-mannered in general. He is not super fabulous with cats according to his previous owner, but we have not seen any evidence of being bad with cats. We do tend to trust that when people say that, however, so fair warning.

Aero has never done anything other than guard an area and he is kind of lost without his job. Much to our chagrin, Aero has now decided that since he has no sheep, we are his sheep and anyone in the perimeter is going to get guarded. This is a pretty classic flock guardian behavior, but it means whoever adopts him can’t be a marshmallow and needs to know and understand what Aero is about.

Aero is very sweet and gentle and aside from a dislike of vets who poke his butt, he’s good with people and he is quite mellow. He needs a home with a securely fenced yard and he does prefer to spend a lot of time outside, although he has mastered the art of hogging the air conditioning vent. He will need a home without a lot of excitement as he will insist on inspecting any new person coming in and evaluating whether they are a threat to the perimeter security. He is extremely lazy and makes me look like I’m a perpetual motion machine compared to him. (I’m super sedentary and glued to a desk 14 hours a day).

Interested adopters should email [email protected]