Anatolian Shepherd

Young (1-3 years)


Extra Large

Kim Tompkins

My Story

Adonis is a 1 year old, 105 pound Anatolian shepherd and he earned his name. This is a very handsome boy who happens to be an incredibly nice dog as well. Adonis came in as one of three siblings who had been purchased to work in the field. I don’t think they did much guarding and their owners decided to sell the farm and move and the three siblings came to us.

Adonis is a very nice, calm dog who is everything you could want in a big companion dog. He is friendly to all people, including kids, he is great with dogs and he has zero interest in the cats he has met. He is not a gregarious sort, but a kind of mellow, watchful guy, who wants to hang out and eat some snacks. This is the dog version of the Lebowski.

Adonis needs a home with a securely fenced yard and people who enjoy large, dogs who sprawl on sofas. He would be best with kids past the screeching years and he would love a dog friend. This dog will do well in a lot of homes and he is on the easier side of things.

Interested would be adopters should email [email protected] after filling out the application here: