Husky/ Great Pyrenees mix

Young (1-3 years)


Extra Large

Jay Natarajan

My Story

Hello dog lovers. We have a treat for you. Meet Abbott. He’s a 3 year old 80 lb Pyr/Husky mix who is pretty much perfect in almost every way. His eyes are stunning and unique. Starring into them will mesmerize you. You will adopt him. Resistance is futile.

Abbott put the H in happy. He is happy, silly and fun. He needs a home with a securely fenced in yard and another young active dog to play with. His reaction to dogs is pretty much as follows: Hello friend, you love me? I love you! Let’s play… and go! He will romp and run with the best of them. He enjoys long naps on the couch, being brushed, and learning tricks and is super food motivated.

Abbott walks well on a leash. He doesn’t heal at your side yet, but he also won’t drag you behind him. He is learning all sorts of tricks, is eager to please and an all around fabulous boy.

Abbott would be best in a home with kids over 8 who enjoy playing with their pooch. We believe he is too much for tiny children. Abbott is fine with cats, and can live in a home with kitties as well.

Folks, Abbott will not last long. He’s just that special.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at, then email for more information on Abbott.