Akbash mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Jennifer Luethy

My Story

Meet Casper. He’s an Uber handsome Akbash/Pyr mix who tips the scales at over 101 lbs! We do think he’ll fill out and will prob be about 110-120 when all is said and done. He is about two years old.?

What to say about the Friendly Ghost. Well, he’s sweet, loving and fun. The first thing Casper will do when you meet him is to slowly raise his paw to give me the “Pyr Paw’. It was adorable and endearing, and he demands that you pet him immediately. He is a gentle giant who adores his people. He likes other dogs, and will gladly share his securely fenced in yard with one. Don’t worry, he’s not a ball of energy.

Aside from a small playful streak, he is “100 pounds of derp”, and tripped over the giant plastic egg toy. Folks with pet dinosaurs need to be sure your eggs are picked up before you let Casper out in the yard.

Our ghostly dog is great with other dogs, friendly with cats, an does fine with children over 12 who will love and respect him for what he is. When he’s not floating around being a ghost, Casper walks well on a leash and appears to know that potty happens outside only. Imagine 100 lb of flying pyr mix who is not housebroken… All I can say is “I’m sure glad Cows don’t fly!!”

This handsome hunk of great white dogs is currently in Nashville, but can go anywhere we place dogs. You know what to do… Visit our website at, click on Adopt, and fill out the required form there. Once that’s done, please email [email protected] for more info on this great dog.