Big Fluffy Dog Rescue: Float with the Fluffies 2017

So, today 30 plus dogs from the Big Fluffy Kennel went for a 5.5 mile float down the Duck River. These 30 dogs were mainly dogs at the kennel waiting on foster homes plus a handful of foster dogs. All of them got to go for a paddle on the river (with the exception of Patrick, who nixed the idea and decided to stay with the help and eat pup ice cream) and all got to swim, hang out, get petted and eat dog ice cream. Seeing 30+ dogs in their life jackets in canoes and kayaks is a sight to behold. Thanks to everyone who made this happen, and a shout out to Higher Pursuits for making pickups for 30 dogs and people such a breeze.

All of these dogs are adoptable of course so we remind you to adopt your next best friend.

Up next: BFDR Run to the Hills: Hike with a Fluffy coming soon.